Pittsburgh Area Water Delivery

bottled water deliveryFor over 48 years, Dean's Water Service Inc. has been offering quality water delivery services to homes and businesses in the Pittsburgh area.

Our water service experts will deliver what you need, whether it’s pure, premium drinking water or water for your swimming pool. Whatever water services you require; our friendly staff can accommodate your needs!

Our Services Include:

  • Bottled Water Service:
  • Purified Drinking Water Delivery:
    • 5-Gallon Bottles
    • 3-Gallon Bottles
    • 16-Ounce Individual Bottles
  • Clean Water Hauling & Delivery:
    • Bulk Water Hauling
    • Community, Residential and Commercial Pools
    • Water Hauling for Gas Sites
    • Water Hauling for Oil Sites
  • Tank Filling
  • Cistern Filling
  • Water Tank Sales & Rental
  • Onsite Facility Offers:
    • Gas Station
    • Convenience Store
    • Hardware Store
    • Number 2 Heating Oil
    • Kerosene Oil

get water deliveredWe serve Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas, including Washington, Hickory and Muse. Call our water delivery experts today at (724) 350-8851 to schedule your service!
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